Can I sell frozen daiquiris to go?

Yes. Believe it or not, it’s possible to sell frozen daiquiris to go. There is one catch. You cannot make the daiquiri with liquor. I know, that sounds like a depressing daiquiri. You can, however, make it with alcohol.

In order to sell frozen daiquiris to go, you need to be able to mix the drink on  premise and then package and sell it to go. There is only one  permit from TABC that allows you to do that.  That permit, known as a BG (wine and beer retailer’s permit) only permits you to sell beer and wine, not liquor.

Stores like Eskimo Hut, which sells frozen daiquiris to go, are all located in areas that are wet for BG permits (see our blog post for further clarification on this as not all areas are wet for this type of BG permit).  They are not using liquor to make their frozen daiquiris but they are using alcohol. More specifically they use a flavorless wine base that is later flavored to taste like rum, tequila or whatever you need.

The wine base and daiquiri mix are blended and frozen in a frozen drink machine then dispensed into a serving cup. The cup is then sealed in a heat sealed plastic bag. This enables you to sell it to go (alcoholic beverages must be in a sealed container when leaving the store so as not to violate the state’s open container laws). In addition to selling it to go, you can also serve it to your customers to be consumed on premise.

Because of its dual on and off premise characteristic, the BG permit is probably the most versatile permit issued by TABC.  It’s the perfect permit for take out restaurants such as wing and pizza stores, allowing customers to grab a six pack when picking up their wing or pizza to go order.  It’s also the permit used by “craft bars” serving dozens of beers on tap and selling beer to go in growler containers.

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