Restaurants, Clubs and Retailers:

It's easy. Just purchase a permit services package and fill out the online application. Texas Liquor License is with you every step of the way.

Texas Liquor License is a member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers.

Our trained auditors can help you manage inventory shrinkage and theft in your bar, restaurant or nightclub.

Alcoholic beverage licensing and permits in the state of Texas: We can help. Navigating your way through the TABC liquor license application process and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code is a task best left to the licensing professionals at Texas Liquor License. Our service is unmatched and our fees the most reasonable in Texas.

Let us form your corporation or LLC- for FREE. It's included in our licensing service, saving you hundreds of dollars. We want to make our services as cost efficient to you as we can.

TABC Conduct Surety and Mixed Beverage Tax Bonds: It's a specialty market and we know it better than anyone. Count on us to get your bond- fast.

Why use our services ?
If your permit is issued
even one week earlier
using our services, that
can mean one extra
week of sales in your
opening month which can
pay for your licensing
costs. For a bar or club, that
one extra week can even
turn into a net gain. The rule
of thumb is that our fee
actually does pay for itself

TABC alcohol seller/server training and certification online through our virtual university.

Texas Food Manager training and certification online through our virtual university. Get your Food Handler Card here.